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The Royal Gazette

"A new internet service provider aims to be operating in Bermuda by the summer, providing high speed connections of 300 Mbps to customers..."

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What is Horizon Communications ?

Horizon Communications is an upcoming fixed wireless internet and cellular service provider looking to provide services in Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Central America before expanding internationally. While utilizing 4th generation and soon 5th generation wireless technology, it will also heavily incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, one of the 1st ISP’s in the world to do so and the 1st to tokenize their services using an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).


The Horizon token is a unique, new Ethereum based token built on the blockchain. It is designed to be used to access services, and service discounts within the Horizon ecosystem.

It will be the ONLY method accepted form of payment for Horizon telecom services (internet, cell phone services etc).

Horizon will have the ability for customers to purchase the HRZN Token on our website to pay for services.

This means that as Horizon expands, potentially hundreds of millions of USD worth of the the HRZN Token will be transacted yearly, underpinning the Token's value by customers using our telecommunication services!

It is meant for anyone that wants to benefit from the value induced by a world class service company. Horizon tokens are easily transferable between token holders using compatible ERC20 wallets and can be traded on exchange(s).

Distribution Details

Actual Tokens % of Tokens
Presale 10,000,000 10.00%
ICO 60,000,000 60.00%
Company* 17,000,000 17.00%
Private Sale* 10,000,000 11.00%
PR & Bounty Advisers* 3,000,000 3.00%
GRAND TOTAL 100,000,000 100%
*Max tokens distributed assuming all alloted tokens sold. If less tokens are sold, number decreases to maintain percent of total tokens.


Horizon Communications will offer the opportunity to purchase tokens prior to the Public ICO.

In the Horizon pre-sale, only 10% of our tokens will be available for a great bonus of 45-60%. Reaching our goal during pre-sale will allow us to move forward with our deployment plans for our first target market, and flagship location, Bermuda.


ICO will be held on the https://HorizonComm.co/ website.

Hardcap 100,000 ETH
Token Supply: 100m HRZN Tokens
Token Price: 0.0010 ETH
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH

Payment Processor via Coingate.com
Top Cryptocurrencies accepted

Number of tokens alloted & Tier bonus

Period Total Tokens Avail. Bonus Bonus Examples
Tier 1 15 mil 30% Buy 100 tokens, get 30 free tokens
Tier 2 15 mil 20% Buy 100 tokens, get 20 free tokens
Tier 3 15 mil 10% Buy 100 tokens, get 10 free tokens
Tier 4 15 mil 0% No bonus tokens

Meet our Team

We're the best professionals in this field

Gilbert A. Darrell. Founder, Horizon Communications


18 years of experience in Information Technology and Telecoms. Led multiple projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Energizer and Siemens. Has been developing Horizon Communications for 18 months. Separately a Firefighter and Paramedic with 18 years experience in Emergency Services.

Elizabeth Schaefer. Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth Schaefer

20 years experience in senior management of customer support, retail and billing operations in Bermuda for a major telcommunications company.

Judd Dare. Technology Consultant

Judd Dare

20+ years Information Technology and long range wireless networking experience. Managed and supported projects in the United States, Caribbean and South America, designing and installing wireless networks.

Anthony Mocklow. Sales and Marketing

Anthony Mocklow

20 + years in Marketing and Sales, ran a major campaign for a technology company in Europe and the United States.

Ross Barkwell. VP of Business Development

Ross Barkwell

30 years experience with the worlds largest teleco's in senior management roles. Founder of a chain of wireless retail locations. Operated the first privately owned and managed ISP / Web hosting company in Ontario. As Senior Business Development Manager launched cellular service and retail stores in Brazil. Director of Business Solutions and Manager of Business Development with the 2 major wireless carreirs in Bermuda. CEO of Digicel Panama central region. Deployed the B2B enterprise sales team in Panama**. in Telecom’s. Launched own startup in Canada in the 1990’s before selling to a larger competitor. Opened up new markets for Telecom providers throughout the Caribbean and South America.

Brian Hernandez. Technology Consultant

Brian Hernandez

18 years in Information Technology, former US DOD Military Contractor. Expert in large scale networking and routing. CEO of a Networking and Managed Services Company in Detroit, Michigan.

James Detlor. Candidate for Chief Executive Officer

James Detlor

Over 30 years of Wireless Telecommunications Business experience with over 25 years dedicated to Senior Management. Holding both Vice President and President positions. Successfully launched Four Wireless Company start ups in Asia and Latin America. Specializing on Sales & Marketing and Customer Experience.

Philip Micallef. Strategic Advisor - Regulatory

Philip Micallef

Former CEO Air Malta, Bermuda Regulatory Authority, Melita Cable, Malta Enterprise and former Executive Chairman Malta Communications Authority and ex Director Orange Business Services, France

Paul Benevides. Strategic Advisor

Paul Benevides

Recently retired from a career spanning over 33 years in the international insurance and reinsurance industry, including long stints at XL Capital and Axis Capital. Non-Executive Director and holder of the Institute of Directors certificate in company direction.

Roedolf van der Westhuizen. Financial Consultant

Roedolf van der Westhuizen

Roedolf is qualified as a South African Chartered Accountant and has experience in an array of industries through his career as an Auditor and subsequently in the financial management of different businesses. The industries include: Telecommunications, Re-Insurance, Investments, Energy, Medical Services, Trust and Fiduciary Services, Property, Professional Services. His last position was as a the Financial Controller for the Bermuda Hospital.

Brian Rodriguez. Business and Crypto Advisor

Brian Rodriguez

Background in accounting, finance, technology and project management. Worked at large corporations such as MUFG, Fidelity, and AIG. Joined crypto in 2016 - TA trader and investor of ICO's through GAMBIT syndicate. Interested in token mechanics and economics. Under 30 and traveled to almost 50 countries. Brian is also a Bermuda Goverment Cryptocurrency Task Force Advisor.

Yeri Derno. Graphic Designer

Yeri Derno

Designed the Infographics, Data Presentation, and Graphics used in the whitepaper and website.

Sydney Ifergan. Chief Marketing Officer

Sydney Ifergan

Sydney holds a degree in computer science and has 20+ years commercial experience. He has spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large brokerage. In recent years, he has been consulting with various brokerages globally on their online marketing and the utilization of technology to improve their results.

Damilare Binutu. Blockchain Consultant

Damilare Binutu

Expert and developer of Blockchain technology including Ethereum. Helped develop Horizon’s whitepaper and ICO structure.



Marcello has worked directly with major global advertising agencies, such as Dell, IBM , and more. He carries a degree in advertising design and is currently the Director of Marketing for a crypto start up in Austin, Texas.



Demetrick has a bachelors from Texas Tech University wherein he studied Mathematics and statistics. He is currently a consultant with an affinity for bitcoin.

Barry Brewer. Strategic Advisor

Barry Brewer

Based in Bermuda. CEO Neptune Group Limited. (Managers for Bermuda Container Line Ltd). 20 years in international insurance/reinsurance business.


**No offer of employment has been tendered and any future position with the company would be subject to the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 and requisite approvals

Horizon Roadmap

Horizon Roadmap

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